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At Melbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Academy, we use gymnastics as a tool to learn how to move our body and develop social, emotional and behavioural competence to thrive now and in the future. Please read carefully our club policies.


We ensure that MAGA is continually up to date with the latest government COVID-19 recommendations and restrictions regarding the health and safety of all families. MAGA strictly follows all government mandates and advice. We take the safety of our students, and their families very seriously. 

Student Credits: Families have been credited for any term fees previously paid before we entered lockdown. We do not offer refunds for term fees, however, families can opt to use their credit for Holiday Programs, Class Fees, or Vouchers. 

Illness: If you, a family member, or your child presents any illness or flu like symptoms it is imperative to miss class and stay home for the duration of illness. As always, MAGA offers make up classes, so please contact reception to book a make up for any missed class. Any child that present to the front door unwell will be unable to walk through the doors. 

Preparation: MAGA is regularly professionally steam cleaned and anti COVID-19 deep cleaned. We have been working hard to prepare a safe environment for all students and their families. 

Upon Arrival: Any adult that arrives at the centre must check in, even just for drop off. Our QR code will be available to scan at various places around the centre. Parents are also required to wear a mask at all times on the grounds of the facility, sanitise their hands upon arrival and remain 1.5 metres apart wherever possible. Doing your bit will help us to provide the best service possible for all our students while remaining a COVID safe centre. 

Any student over the age of 8 must wear a mask to and from the centre. Children are not required to wear a mask while participating in class. Students are required to sanitise their hands upon arrival, and wash their hands if needed during class. 

Before entering the facility, you will be met by our Administrator and Senior Coach, who will help you check in, sanitise and temperature check before your child proceeds through the front door. Parents will remain outside, unless an exemption applies (exemptions include NDIS support workers, or a parent assisting their child into the gym under a previous arrangement). 

The Parent’s Area and Reception: The parents area will be closed until further notice. There will strictly be no viewing from inside the gym, however, we have set up a viewing space from a pergola outside, complete with a live stream of the gym so you can stay up to date with activities in the gym. This area will be limited to parents of students in the class, with socially distanced seating. 

Coaches and Staff: We are a fully vaccinated centre. All our staff are now 100% vaccinated to do our best to keep your children safe. All staff are required to wear a clean mask at all times, both inside and outside the facility, sanitise their hands before class and wash their hands regularly during class. Staff are required to follow all government mandates in order to keep our centre a safe place for all families. 

Drink Breaks: It is imperative that students bring their own drink bottles to class. We will not be handing out cups to use. 

Cleaning Before and After Class: The centre is fitted with multiple cleaning stations. Before and after each class all surfaces, equipment, and bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned. The centre also endures a deep clean twice per week. 

In the Event of Exposure: If MAGA is exposed in some way to COVID we will follow all necessary steps to stay proactive. All families linked to exposure will be notified via email and phone as soon as we are aware and instructed to follow government advice regarding isolation or testing. Any staff member included will be required to test and isolate until they receive a negative result. MAGA will undergo a deep and thorough clean before resuming classes. 


Enrolments and student registration

An enrolment form will be provided for each student, it is important that these details are completed and submitted to administration at the front desk prior to class commencement.

A Registration & Insurance Fee is payable annually to Gymnastics Australia and is covered by MAGA. This fee covers the costs of Insurances and Membership with Gymnastics Australia. There are no other start-up costs.

Re-enrolment into classes each term is automatic, unless specified by a parent/ caregiver in writing to administration.

Class Fees

Student enrolments are for the minimum of each school term. MAGA does not offer refunds on classes. Fees are calculated by the school term. If a new student joins a class mid-term, the cost of fees is pro-rated for the remaining weeks left of term. Payments can be made via fortnightly Direct Debits, Bank Transfer, exact cash or EFTPOS at reception.

Term fees are required to be paid up front at the time of enrolment. Alternatively, direct debit payments are required to be set up fortnightly with our Ezidebit system. Ezidebit payments are required to be debited every second Monday of term. A $5.50 Ezidebit set up fee applies to direct debits and an .88c fee is charged per transaction.

Failure to pay term fees or outstanding invoices by the due date will result in a $20 late fee and exemption from class until payment is made.

Uniforms & Attire

All students are required to wear firm fitting clothing to classes. No skirts, loose clothing or jewellery is permitted. Hair must be tied back and away from your face at all times.

Our Recreational Classes do not have a mandatory uniform. Squad children must train in a leotard, crop top, leggings, or bike pants. Boys are required to wear exercise shorts no longer than their knees and a firm fitted shirt.

MAGA uniforms are available to purchase from reception. Speak to the manager for more information.

Make-up classes

MAGA offers 1 make-up class, once per term, providing there is sufficient space in the appropriate class. This make-up class must be used within the same term and does not roll over to the following term. MAGA does not offer refunds or credits for missed classes or change of mind. 

Absences due to significant, and ongoing illness or injury are eligible for fees to be credited or direct debit to be suspended upon the provision of a medical certificate. Members may commence classes again once they have received clearance to return to sport by their treating physician.

Squad and Development classes are not eligible for make-up classes.

Child Protection

MAGA is legally and morally obligated to report all concerns of child abuse and child safety to the authorities. The police or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will be contacted if an employee forms the belief that a child has been abused or is at risk of being abused. MAGA is committed to ensuring a child safe environment; all allegations will be treated seriously.

Social Media and Photography

Staff may take photographs and videos of students for coaching, training, and promotional purposes, unless otherwise specified in writing. Members not wishing to have their children’s images taken or used, must put it in writing to the club.

Parents are not permitted to take photos or videos of their children in class. This is in accordance with Australian Child Protection Laws.

Behaviour Conduct

MAGA expects that respect be shown at all times. Gossip, verbal aggression or physical assault towards members or staff will strictly not be tolerated. Those demonstrating these behaviours may be asked to leave the premises.


MAGA has a strict anti-bullying policy. Bullying will not be tolerated. All incidents of bullying are taken seriously and will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Members who have experienced bullying are strongly encouraged to talk with their coach or management to ensure all issues are swiftly resolved.


Should a member or employee have a grievance, they must put it in writing to the manager. The manager will review the grievance and organise a meeting to discuss the issue. MAGA will take all reasonable steps to attempt to resolve all grievances.

Heat Policy

If the temperature reaches 38 degrees in the gym classes will be cancelled and credited.

No Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted on the property. In accordance with Victoria’s anti-smoking laws, no smoking is permitted within 4 meters of the facilities entrance. Anyone caught smoking within four meters of a building where the ban applies may face an on-the-spot infringement penalty.


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