Parents Code of Conduct

Parents expectations


All students must be accompanied by a parent/ caregiver inside the premises at drop off and picked up from inside the premises at the end of class. Students are not permitted to leave the building without a parent or caregiver.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch during class. You are welcome to free tea and coffee while you sit back, relax, and watch the class from our parents’ lounge upstairs. Chat to our friendly staff at reception, or catch the coaches after class for any questions or concerns.


We look forward to welcoming you 5 – 10 minutes early to your session so that students are prepared and ready for class to resume.


MAGA is a child safe environment, we do not tolerate violence, aggression, bullying or harassment of any kind towards any student, parent or staff member.
In guidance with Australian Child Protection Laws we cannot allow parents to take photos or videos of the class. We can let you take a quick photo of your son or daughter in the gym after class.

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