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Acrobatic gymnastics

Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics (“Acro” for short) is a discipline recognised by Gymnastics Australia. Acro is the combination of dance, tumbling, and partner stunts performed by synchronised pairs or groups. Routines are performed on an Olympic sized 12x12m spring floor and each level has specific requirements that must be met. Engaging choreography and brilliant attire are also a part of this form of gymnastics.

Athletes of varying ages, shapes and sizes are needed in the sport. Smaller more flexible athletes are need for top positions, while taller, stronger athletes are ideal for base positions. Both boys and girls are welcomed in the discipline. There are five types of partnerships in competitive Acrobatics. Mens Pair (2), Womens Pair (2), Mixed Pair (2), Womens Group/Trio (3) and Mens Group (4).

Young or beginner athletes may go through recreational training before considering competition. Pair/groups that work exceptionally well together and show great dedication may be invited to travel outside of Victoria with opportunities to compete across the country. Very experienced athletes may be selected to compete for Team AUS at international events all over the world.

To find out about our squads and training commitment email us directly to book an assessment. 



Our 1–3-year-old KinderGYM Program is just for the littlies. With exclusive use of the gym for each class you can assist your little one through new movements and challenges each week.

Our classes are fun, circuit-based, and parent assisted, allowing boys and girls from 1 – 3 years to learn through play. Our coaches nurture and guide children through the fundamental learning steps of Gymnastics based activities, providing the tools to carry them through life.

You can expect your little ones to experience:

  • Spatial awareness and movement control
  • Balance and coordination
  • Fine motor skill control
  • Singing and dancing
  • Learn and develop social skills

We take enrolments for the minimum of each school term, but to make it even easier for parents of little ones under 3, when you enrol you have the freedom to come to either of the 5 classes during the week. That way you are not committed to a certain day each week and if your routine changes, your committment is flexible!

Fusion Fit

Fusion Fit is a non-competitive program specifically designed for kids from the age of 3.5 to 8 years. Our 60-minute Fusion Fit classes are action-packed with a mix of Fundamental Movements,  Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior and Parkour.

Split into age groups, kids are challenged to try new things each week in a safe and engaging environment. We follow a strict ratio of 8 children to one coach, allowing each individual to learn at their own pace with plenty of help.

Our Fusion Fit program provides kids with the opportunity to fall in love with fitness and thrive through challenges, creating a platform to launch forward into any activity they chose to pursue.

You can expect kids to:

  • continue to develop their motor skills
  • build coordination, strength and speed
  • build confidence and competence
  • overcome challenges
  • improve their cardiovascular fitness
  • learn to work in a team and problem solve

gymnastics & ninja

Our Gymnastics and Ninja classes are for kids, 9 years and above, who want to extend on Fusion Fit and develop their skills further. Our 90-minute classes are specific to Gymnastics or Ninja skills and encourages kids to set goals and challenge themselves each lesson.

Aerial Kids

Our AerialKIDS program provides kids, 7 years and above, with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of aerial apparatus including Silks, Lyra and Trapeze. Split into age groups, our 60-minute Aerial classes lets kids experience new challenges in the air under the guidance of expert coaching.

Tumbling SKILLS

Our Tumbling Skills classes are an extension suitable for Acrobats, Gymnasts, Dancers or Cheerleaders who want to improve their skills and learn new ones! Suitable for all ages, our coaches will help each child develop the confidence needed to progress!

Booking a free trial

We believe everyone needs to try what we offer! That’s why we provide a FREE first class for every new student. Our classes fill up very quickly, so to book, simply check out our timetable and contact us with your preference. We will do our best to fit in with you!

If it’s your child’s first time, we recommend staying and supporting them through their first class. Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can finalise the paperwork, meet the staff and have a look around.

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